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Kayaking in the Helsinki archipelago

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. No other capital city in the world features an archipelago of about 300 islands, bays penetrating into downtown, all within a short distance from city centre. A kayak is an ideal tool to explore this labyrinth of rocky islands, sandy beaches and narrow waterways.

The best paddling waters of Helsinki are outside Vuosaari in the east. The water is clear because of the sandy seabed and rocky shores. The area is protected from the high seas by a chain of islands. The peninsulas stretching out provide shelter for kayakers in all weather conditions.

Within half an hour’s paddling there are about ten islands, in which you can stop to have a break or camp http://eaifo2.org/. You can even use a self-service sauna on one of the islands, and reserve a sauna for private use on two other islands.

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